Our everyday purchases – both online and offline – coupled with the social media channels we browse, or the movies we stream in our leisure time, generate data about our preferences, intentions and habits. The business models of behemoths like Amazon, Netflix and Google hinge on this data: to recommend your next book, to develop the newest series you’ll binge watch, to fast-track your purchases through targeted advertising. But how can smaller enterprises make sense of – and monetise – this mass of customer data?

Dr Shahriar Akter, from the UOW Faculty of Business, believes the answer is big data analytics, developed to be scaled to the capability of the organisation – large or small.

In this Uni in the Brewery talk, Dr Akter outlined the scale of big data, examined how it can be used to generate business value, and detailed how this brave new world generates new opportunities for business graduates to carve careers in big data analytics. Watch the Video Here.

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